Speaking Engagements

Inspirational Talks To Help Your Audience Get The Best Out Of Their Life & Business


Would your group benefit from my signature ”Entrepreneurship” program? This program shows how small business owners can create a profitable business which connects with their higher purpose & ensures results for their clients


  • Clarity, vision and alignment with business direction
  • Creating and launching new products, services or programs to take to market
  • Finding the right strategy to get clients predictably and profitably every month
  • Increasing your monthly business revenue
  • Creating a prosperous and sustainable business you and your clients love
  • Taking your business to the next level
  • Finding the motivation and focus needed to achieve success
  • Building or growing a team
  • Attracting the right people in your business, either clients, partners or employees
  • Developing entrepreneurship skills



Would your group or school benefit from my signature program “Live with Purpose: Creating Positive, Lasting Change.”? This program shows how every path to achieving a purpose-driven life is unique, and some have harder or longer journeys than others, but no matter where you are in life, achieving a life with purpose can be done. It addresses why purpose should matter to businesses owners and leaders, providing the strategies guaranteed to help succeed in creating positive lasting change.


  • Knowing yourself as a leader
  • Finding your higher purpose
  • Uncovering your values
  • Aligning your higher purpose and business vision
  • Feeling fulfilled
  • Creating a plan of action and accomplishing goals
  • Inspiring and creating long, lasting change
  • Defining and reaching success
  • Ensuring profitability and sustainability
  • Making quantum leaps
  • Giving back
  • Mastering your mind
    • Self-esteem and Self-confidence
    • Fear of failure and stress
    • Courage and vulnerability
    • Creating a prosperous mindset



MBA & Management Professor currently teaching at California State University in LA and Northridge. Here are some words by Dr. McGuire, Director of Graduate Studies, College of Business and Economics: “We at CSULA are honored to have best-selling author Nathalie Virem teach our MBA Entrepreneurship program. Her book ‘Live With Purpose: Creating Positive, Lasting Change‘ is an essential part of the curriculum.


  • Creating a strong inner vision
  • Finding your management style
  • Professional and entrepreneurial leadership
  • Purpose-driven career development
  • Creating a socially responsible business
  • Entrepreneurship