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Nathalie came into my life and has guided both my campaign for humanity, Systems Busters, and my personal brands into a professional and well positioned place. Thanks to her I now have ten aligned portals that reflect a clear brand and purpose. Seeing the results of her advice settle into place, I am in a much more relaxed and confident place moving forward and building the platform for monetization, the next step in our work together. Nathalie exudes a calm and confident aura and brings forward a kindness and compassion in our meetings. She’s a true pleasure. I feel stronger knowing that she is on my side and know that she can help me create a legacy of love and service with my videos, films and speaking!

Michael Matucci

Actor and Producer, System Busters

Nathalie Virem offers a powerful and effective coaching program oriented to revealing one’s inner strengths and talents, which are the guiding force to manifest our purpose with clarity and confidence. Her innate cleverness, attentiveness, and gentle ability inspire self-recognition of the unique gifts we already have, which as she explains are the foundation of living a life with purpose. One of the most remarkable benefits of Nathalie’s program is learning about our true-selves, uncovering the real intention of our goals, businesses, decisions, and bringing balance while creating financial success.

LuzAngela Rubin

Archangelic Therapist & Holistic Wellness Practitioner

We at CSULA are honored to have best-selling author Nathalie Virem teach our MBA Entrepreneurship program. Her book ‘Live With Purpose: Creating Positive, Lasting Change‘ and online entrepreneurship program are an essential part of the curriculum.

Dr. Stephen McGuire

Director of Graduate Studies, College of Business and Economics, California State University Los Angeles

Nathalie is a great coach. Very patient and a great listener always. I think, at least from my experience, through asking the right questions, she gets you to see and think of things differently. You can tell she genuinely cares and wants to help. Highly recommended.

Arina Thomas

Business Owner

Nathalie was a key element during my search for purpose in life. She provided different practical solutions to my dilemmas in regards to career and personal goals to help them align with my purpose. Thanks to her guidance, I live a meaningful life and success was the result of it.

Gretell Arredondo

Commodity Administrator, Alpert & Alpert Iron & Metal, Inc.

Simply the best companion! I needed motivation, energy and balance in my life… And there she was! Thank you Nathalie for coaching me, giving me direction and helping me find my path to success!!

Joey Cleary

Sales Manager

Nathalie is a very professional coach. Her empathy and her understanding of other people’s feelings and situations is just amazing. She transmits an incredible amount of energy and definitely helps taking actions and creating positive changes. i have loved to have her as a coach and will certainly get back to her in the future.

Concha Mendez

Talent Acquisition Manager, Louis Berger

Nathalie’s grasp and teaching of the tools in her program HOW TO BUILD A  PURPOSEFUL AND PROSPEROUS BUSINESS was so beneficial for me. I did the program and was in the process of transforming from the first day. From the start, I was able to find clarity for my purpose here in my life. With that starting point on I felt hope and  immediate growth. With a slight structural change to my existing business, I was able to hone in on what  was needed to actually grow the business into something I can be proud of. Instead of all the other  diversions and distractions, I now know what direction to take things based on my life’s purpose. Thank  you, Nathalie, for giving me insight to all of the things that I needed to work within myself. They are  priceless!

Allen Rubin

Owner at South Bay Website Design

Andrea Brooke

Registered Nurse West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Hospital

Amandine Charrier

Head of Business Unit Acial

Maria Rioboo

DDS, PhD especialista en periodoncia osteointegración y cirugía oral