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II. Developing Powerful Networks – Networking System


With a wide and diverse network you have lots of first-degree connections that in turn gives you lots of 2nd connections. There is no point to target your connections as you can always filter these connections on the Networking System spreadsheet if you decide to start a campaign to target a specific group of connections

The biggest problem with connections is that once we’ve made a connection with someone, we very rarely do anything this connection. What you need to do is make connections that translate into business. Big networks help you keep in touch. The Networking System spreadsheet will remind you of key dates like birthdays. So, if you connected to people then it would be appropriate for you to send a client or prospect a happy birthday message. It is literally a 30 second activity to scan through that list. See if anybody you know are celebrating a work anniversary or if you are going to visit their city. It’s a great way for you to just send them a note and congratulate them and ask if they will be in town for a coffee or what they are doing now.

These connections also help you network with their connections (your 2nd degree connections today) and their groups. This will open you up to pretty much anyone you want.


Networking System Guide


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