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I. Optimizing Your Positioning – Tagline


What You Need: Your One Thing

How To Create The Perfect Tagline For Your Brand & Business

If You Had To Be Known For One Thing, What Would It Be?

The Problem With 95% Of Entrepreneurs And Experts: They Can’t Answer This Or They’re Too General

For Better Positioning: You Need A Great Tagline!

What A Great Tagline Is: A Slogan That Differentiates Your Product Or Brand From That Of Your Competitors… While Also Underscoring The Company’s General Mission

5 Keys To A Great Tagline:

  1. Keep It Simple Try To Keep It To 5 Words Or Less
  2. Be Clear, Not Clever Who You Are, Who You Help, What You Do, How You’re Different
  3. Be Memorable
  4. Be Original Don’t Mimic Your Competitors
  5. Be Applicable To Your Dream Client And To Your Business/Greatness


Identify Your Tagline, Motto or Slogan Guide


How To Identify Your Tagline, Motto or Slogan?

Start By Figuring Out 4 Things:

  1. What You Do
  2. Who You Help
  3. What’s The Benefit
  4. How You’re Different


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