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III. Mastering Sales & Advertising – Income Stream evaluation


There’s so many different ways that you could monetize right but that doesn’t mean you should necessarily try to monetize everything. You need to find the 80/20 rule -20 percent of your possible income stream represent 80% of your revenue- to really go in and have a few major income streams to focus on now.

The Monetization Plan

Fact: The Average Millionaire Has 7 Streams Of Income

The Keys to Big Money

  • Multiple Streams Of Income
  • Add ONE At A Time
  • Varying Prices / Ascension Ladder
  • “High-Ticket” Item
  • Automated / Residual Streams

Financial Freedom = Make More Money On Auto-Pilot Than You Spend

Your Goal Is Multiple Streams of Income… Added ONE Piece At a Time


Complete attached ‘Monetization Plan’


Income Stream Evaluation Spreadsheet


Get an objective number so you can see and compare your different income streams

  1. Make a copy of the Income Stream Evaluation Template and build this up and go through this on your own
  2. Fill in the cells that are in yellow
    3. Fill out any other notes and what not
  3. The rest are calculations so don’t fill them up

Choose for example a few income streams: one on one coaching and a digital product. Look at the examples on the second and third tab to understand how to build this form for your product or service.

The goal is to get an objective approach to valuate your income streams into ultimately double down on what you should actually focus on.


Complete attached ‘Income Stream Evaluation Template’