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III. Mastering Sales & Advertising – Building An Online Empire



To build an online empire you should create a brand, which is a consistent message in the marketplace.

There are six reasons people don’t buy

  1. They don’t understand exactly what they are getting
  2. They don’t want it or feel the value is higher than the price. Show them how it is relevant and how it will increase their bottom line results
  3. They don’t believe you or know you
  4. They don’t truly believe they can do it. Show other people that have done it
  5. They don’t believe they can afford it. If you join I will help you never have money issues again.
  6. There is no urgency and they don’t want it now. Create a deadline, limited number available. Stay genuine and authentic.

The major key is when you focus on adding value and becoming more valuable instead of making immediate income. It will eventually become extremely easy to make money IF you do it the right way!

Building An Online Empire Guide


And there are 3 ways to make more money

  1. Get more clients
  2. Get more money for each transaction
  3. Get your clients to buy more often


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