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III. Mastering Sales & Advertising – Mastering Research


To ensure your offer has value and that you can easily monetize your product and services you will have do complete your research

You don’t want to create things from scratch so go out there and see is already working. It is a great thing to validate the market; this gives you a baseline from which to work from.

Therefore, your goal now is to master research and “Steal Like An Artist” as This Will Save You Months. Figure out what works and offer something similar. Just take what works and make it better!

Business is tough, so learn what works. See what big brands that are crushing it are already doing. They already spend so much money on testing. If you see something that is being repeated over and over again there is no need for you to validated that it works

What You’re Looking For with your research is ultimately Clarity On:

  • Your Audience
  • Your Competition
  • How You’re Different
  • Your Strategy
  • Your Monetization & Marketing Plans

Mastering Research Guide

#1 Start with Amazon
#2 Keywords
#3 Social Media
#4 Competition
#5 Create A Spreadsheet

And The Best Of All Searches Is To Go Direct!

  1. Survey
  2. Talk Directly
  3. Judge With Wallets


Complete attached ‘Mastering Research Guide’