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IV. Creating An Irresistible Offer



Once you have identified your ideal client, keep in mind that your products and services- that is your offer- must give your clients 20x more in value than they money they are paying for this offer.

One great tool you can use to identify they pain points is to ask your customer what they want through surveys. What are your prospects biggest challenges or pain points? What do they fall asleep at night thinking about? What are their biggest frustrations and pains that they suffer from? Surveyed your list and do your research!

For example, the biggest problems for my ideal client ‘young entrepreneur’ are:

  1. Inconsistent Income or revenue
  2. No real guidance or proven strategy
  3. Lack of clarity and confidence

Once you know their problems, you create a solution for their problems for example:

  1. Maximize your income and revenue
  2. Create more freedom and autonomy
  3. Gain absolute clarity and confidence


Lastly, your value proposition needs to be articulated properly. For example you would say: Do you know how most entrepreneurs struggle with Inconsistent income, have no real guidance or strategy and lack the real clarity and confidence needed to take their life and business to the next level?

And then you share your solution: in this master class we show you how to maximize your income/revenue, provide you with the best training and resources, while helping you develop the unshakable clarity and confidence needed to dominate your industry in any economy.

When articulating, your goal is to identify the gaps in service or quality that currently exist. State the problem better than anybody else.

From there, be articulate and strategic when defining your story (refer to the story steps)

Creating An Irresistible Offer Guide


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