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II. Improving Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is your belief that you can succeed. It is how capable you think you are to accomplish what you want. Self- confidence influences how you take action to obtain what’s important for you and for the life and growth of your business. It represents trust and faith in oneself. It’s your capacity to look at your potential, use it and transform your life. It will allow you to get to a new dimension, to open the doors to a new potential.

One’s level of self-confidence is usually a result of overcoming challenges successfully. Several studies conducted since the 1970s have shown that self-confidence is tightly related to an individual’s achievements and is a key to success.

Do what you can to reduce the gap between your potential and your results by investing in your personal development with books, audios, videos, training, seminars and courses. Hire a coach; meet people who inspire you, etc. Self-confidence is constructed on solid achievements.

How To Improve Your Self Confidence


  1. Talk up to yourself out loud; tell yourself you can achieve what you want – and believe you can do it
  2. Talk about your dreams, and try not to let anything drain you of that enthusiasm!
  3. Learn to take pleasure in asking for more and learn to say no
  4. See what it would be like to not complain for a week and TAKE ACTION. Take the first step
  5. The Confidence Account You’re either helping or hurting your confidence at all times
  • Choices
  • Challenges
  • Hang w/ Champions
  • Consistency
  • Courage
  • Cut Off Fear