Helping You Get The Most Out Of Your Business

“The life purpose of the true social entrepreneur is to change the world.”

—Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka


How many successful business owners do you know? What do you think is the secret to become one?

Success in business requires going deep within yourself by clarifying who you are as a leader, who you want to become, what your higher purpose is in life and how this one connects to your business vision or why your business exists.

At the beginning of your business journey everything will be new and fun, but as time goes and obstacles arise there will be many days when you will want to quit. They key is to find the motivation to keep going and keep pushing during these challenging times. And the only way to find that motivation is from within. Motivation is intrinsic; therefore, to get motivated and sustain that motivation you will need to align who you are, your values and higher purpose, with everything you do, including your business. Once this internal alignment occurs, you will naturally feel motivated to reach your business vision and results will show. You will take whatever action is needed, overcome all obstacles and develop whatever skills are required in order to succeed. Your higher purpose and business vision will be your internal intrinsic motivation that will drive your outcomes and make your personal definition of success meaningful.

While being an entrepreneur does not require any special personality traits and can be taught, creating a successful business requires clarity, the right mindset and massive action among other things. The key is to act much more than to plan. Once your entrepreneurial mindset is developed it will become a life skill. To truly become successful in business you will need to master certain principles and practice and repeat these until you develop the essence and mindset of a successful business owner. You will also have to take risks but these will be calculated. While your business will be attached to who you are as an individual, you will realize that it is bigger than yourself as it will affect your community and the world to some extend. That is because your business exists to solve a social problem for the greater good. It exists to give value to your stakeholders as a whole (employees, investors, suppliers, community, etc.). Your role as the business owner is to promote positive and lasting change in the world, equal opportunity and hope.

In order to make a profit, success and sustain that profitability you will need to solve a major problem for others, make a positive social impact and provide value to the world. Start by taking massive action in order to feel emotions, which will help reinforce your understanding. Once you repeat the key business principles I will share with you in this course and once you add the required level of emotion to magnify the principles understanding, these will finally become unconscious and you will act, walk and talk like a successful business owner without even thinking about it. It will become natural and an integral part of who you are at that point, which will allow you to take your business to new heights.