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VII. How Why You Are Here Aligns With Why Your Business Exists

As a visionary, it is important to realize that your life has a personal and professional purpose. Your higher purpose relates to why you are here and your professional purpose relates to why your business exists.

As a visionary, you also need to address the question of how your personal and professional purposes align. At the end of the day, both are heavily interconnected, and it will be impossible to see one without seeing the other.

Personal and professional purposes can evolve over time, and both are personal to you. Each of these purposes differs from one person to another. Once you are able to align both, you will enjoy lasting fulfillment. If there is a gap between the two, you may be able to accomplish great things, but you will not be able to create positive, lasting change in the world, nor will you be completely fulfilled. Sooner or later, you will suffer from this realization.

You will know you are in alignment with your personal and professional purposes once you become conscious and integrate everything you do, whether personal or professional, fully into your life. Your personal and professional purposes will eventually merge into one.

Then, your purposes become one. They will be in alignment with your spirit, and your goals and aspirations will be one as well. At that point, whatever your purpose is — personal and/ or professional — it will create positive, lasting change in the world. There will be quality in what you do and you will be able to make a significant impact on the world.

Live a life with purpose and be true to yourself. Success comes from within. When you speak your true inner voice, and when that inner voice is real, you can only succeed. When you are able to align your personal and professional purposes with your values and heart, the world will eventually change.

Instead of putting your attention into the things that seem promising — from a personal and professional perspective — put your undivided attention into the things that resonate within your heart. Trust your intuition (or in simpler terms, trust your gut), and everything will fall into place.

Creating Your Business Vision Checklist


What about you?

Vision “Successful entrepreneurs let their vision guide them, NOT their current circumstances”

  1. Define Your Vision For The Next 6 Months:
  2. Look At It Daily
  3. Choose Growth in the moment
  4. Adjust As You Grow

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