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VI. Creating Your Business Vision

Today, research proves that to create positive, lasting change, a business needs to have a clear, defined purpose that is fully understood by its stakeholders. Businesses will only gain followers when it becomes apparent to consumers why that business exists and how it can improve their lives.

Vision gives direction. In fact, the Deloitte Core Beliefs Culture Survey, conducted in 2013 and 2014, respectively, shares some key findings about the impact of purpose on the business world:

  1. Organizations that focus beyond profits and instill a culture of purpose are more likely to find long-term success.
  2. Ninety-one percent of respondents (both executives and employees) who said their company had a strong sense of purpose also said their company had a history of strong financial performance.
  3. Despite the company’s findings, employees (68%) and executives (66%) believed that businesses were not doing enough to instill in their culture a sense of purpose aimed at making a positive impact on all stakeholders.

Furthermore, an EY Beacon Institute research report lists their insights on the “five aspects of how purpose can bring greater strategic impetus and be a guiding force for corporate transformation and long-term value creation.” These are:

  1. Purpose instills strategic clarity
  2. Purpose channels innovation
  3. Purpose is a force for and a response to transformation
  4. Purpose taps a universal need
  5. Purpose builds bridges

A visionary should consider how important purpose is for his business and should be fully committed to communicate his business purpose to the world. It is also the visionary’s responsibility to ensure that stakeholders completely comprehend the business purpose. This enables stakeholders to evaluate whether the company is a good fit for them before they commit to participating in its purpose.

Therefore, while a business has to be profitable to exist, making a profit is a result. A business should convey a clear purpose, or vision, in order to thrive and sustain success over time.

For me, my business exists to help young entrepreneurs find and align their higher purpose and business vision, so that they can create positive, lasting change in the world.

Chef Eric Ripert On Success, Buddhism, Eating Your Way To Better Sleep And Mental Health

A French chef, author and television personality specializing in modern French cuisine and noted for his work with seafood

Nathalie Virem: What is key to building a successful world-renowned culinary brand such as yours?

Eric Ripert: I think the success of the restaurant today is the team we have built over the years. The team members are loyal to us and believe in our philosophy of being in a safe and inspirational environment. Obviously, creating job security through insurance and other benefits definitely helps with loyalty. But also, treating staff with respect, motivating and having opportunities for them, always changing in terms of creativity has been a big part of the success of Le Bernardin. They relay the vision we have at the top by bringing it to the client and creating the experience.

Nathalie Virem: The world of gastronomy is known to be highly fast-paced, competitive and stressful. What role does Buddhism play in your culinary art, life and business?

Eric Ripert: Buddhism is a very personal experience for me. It’s a spirituality that speaks to me, has made me a better person over the years, and of course, it’s a work in progress. However, I do not try to convert the team, obviously. If I bring some Buddhist philosophy to work, it’s in a very secular or scientific way. I try to bring the good values of Buddhism and find a message that will speak to everyone. So, Buddhism is, again, my guidance, and I have many teachers — I practice every day.

Trying to find inner peace is a challenge every day, but it’s something that can be achieved. You cannot necessarily see the difference on the next day, but when you look back at ten years ago or five years ago, three years ago, six months ago, you can see the huge difference that it has made, in a positive way.

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