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V. Finding Your Higher Purpose

Philosophers have been writing about purpose for several centuries. Once the importance of purpose was realized in more recent years, scientists and the world of business started researching the topic. Today, numerous scientific studies have shown that having a purpose in life improves our health and brain function, increases our life expectancy, reduces our stress and can even lead to a greater happiness over time.

Identifying your life purpose is a process. It is a path, not a destination. It is a work in progress. While walking this path, you will come across situations and people who will detour you, or on the contrary, will get you closer to your life purpose.

It takes time and comes when it comes. Learn to enjoy the journey until you have the big breakthrough that reveals your life purpose.

Finding your life purpose can seem intimidating at first, but it can easily take one or two simple steps to help get you started. There are several ways to begin: reading books that inspire you, learning from people you admire, spending time on self-reflection and self-discovery, keeping a journal, interviewing those who exemplify a fulfilled life, or simply, truly caring for others. There is a reason why they are part of your life today. Your life purpose is your calling. It’s the hunger that fills your heart and spirit, and the pain you are capable of easing in yourself and others.

You live with purpose when you use your gifts. If you are using the unique talents life gave you, the experiences you are confronted with and the teachings they offer will help you form your life purpose.

Living with purpose is intentional. Your purpose is not accidental. There is a reason why it is your purpose. And you are the only one who can find your purpose. Nobody else can do it for you. Remember: You have the right and responsibility to live with purpose. The purpose of life is a life with purpose.

Discovering and then realizing your life purpose is the key to fulfillment. When you clearly know what you want in life (whether it is spiritual, material, personal, professional, physical or emotional), you will spend your days accomplishing your purpose to ultimately find eternal joy. Set clear goals and have the courage to act on them.

So follow your purpose, not what society tells you is necessary to achieve happiness. Let go of what doesn’t resonate with your heart.

Study others, especially those who inspire you to be wiser.

Study yourself to be enlightened, to raise your awareness and consciousness. What gifts do you have? What talents? Apply them in the direction of your life purpose.

The key to success is a life with purpose — where you put yourself in a state of joy and immense inner happiness.

Your mission’s purpose is whatever you decide it is. Ask yourself: What is your purpose in this life?

Finding Your Higher Purpose Checklist

What is the best way to get your life purpose to come to you? You can enhance the probability of being united with your higher purpose by:

  1. Performing guided inner journeys (envisioning)
  2. Practicing self-exploration
  3. Learning from others
  4. Practicing shamanic work, such as breath work like rebirthing or Kundalini yoga
  5. Taking the time to write down your vision statement
  6. Taking action
  7. Saying no to life experiences that don’t bring you joy
  8. Doing what makes you truly happy
  9. Watch Gabby Bernstein Video ‘Find Your Purpose’

Clarity in your higher purpose will ultimately come through the process of exploring and taking action.

When you complete this chapter, send me an email at contact@nathalievirem.com that describes what your life purpose is. I will provide you with feedback that can help you get clear on where you want to go in order to accomplish your life vision and find eternal joy.