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IV. Building Your Business Culture


Culture is a competitive advantage that drives business success. I’ve seen it over and over affect employees’ engagement, satisfaction and consequently outcomes and profits over time. I’ve seen it drive companies to the stars or to bankruptcy. Why? Because culture builds over time and is hard to change. It is the company’s DNA. Based on my extensive research and experience, culture-driven companies put their people first, consistently communicate, uphold their culture with their actions and empower their leaders to drive that culture. Culture is the fuel that helps them change the world!

Define Core Principles Checklist


  1. Raise Your Standards
  2. Change Your Limiting Beliefs
  3. Model Strategies That Work
  4. Intensify Your Emotions
  5. Give Much More Than You Expect to Receive

New York Times Best-Selling Author Simon Sinek on How Millennials Can Thrive

My interview with Simon Sinek, “unshakable optimist” and global bestselling author of ‘Start With Why’, ‘Leaders Eat Last’ and ‘Together is Better’

Nathalie Virem: Why did you decide to re-launch your New York Timesand Wall Street Journal bestseller Leaders Eat Last? What advice do you have for Millennials in this context?

Simon Sinek: Leaders Eat Last came out in 2014, and with growing conversations around new generations in the workplace, we thought it would be nice to go back to the data and update it. As I started doing research, I learned even more because there’ve been more studies since the book was first released — I was just astonished. What’s more, regardless of where I go, no matter the organization’s size of industry, managers are looking for guidance on how to lead Millennials — and Millennials are looking for ways to make an impact and find fulfillment in their work. I think it’s an important topic that’s getting more and more attention, so I wanted to contribute to the discussion.

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