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I. Create An Exceptional LinkedIn Profile


Recently LinkedIn acquired a company called Connectifier. Connectifier pulls in data from many different social platforms and then enables recruiters to push a bottom and basically match up new candidate profiles and potential candidates with a profile that they put into Connectifier. It is the AI of LinkedIn and it is having a major impact on recruiting and job search. Most of the time recruiters are going to look at your LinkedIn profile as soon as they receive your application. So LinkedIn can be very powerful.

The 6 core skills are like your personal brand. It is a concise way to communicate your skillsets and in some cases where you would like to go with your career on LinkedIn.

I want to make a suggestion to you. Go, right now, to this link https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathalievirem onto my profile on LinkedIn and connect with me on LinkedIn. Why do I make this suggestion? Because I want you to build the habit of connecting with people all the time. Little connections whenever you see people are key. Who you know is much more important than what you know.

Create An Exceptional LinkedIn Profile Guide


To help create an exceptional LinkedIn profile, use attached form.