Helping You Get The Most Out Of Your Career


I. Identifying Your Unique Selling Proposition 


We have unlimited potential to create whatever we desire in life and business, if we live with purpose. Most of us rarely spend time getting to know who we truly are, let alone seeing what we have the potential to become. To awaken the leader in you, you need to spend time discovering who you are in order to leave a lasting legacy.

Start self-reflecting, and understand your strengths, the areas you can improve, your unique abilities and gifts or where your creative genius lies. Try to connect consciously with the core essence of who you are. Take the time to self-discover, claim, own and honor your unique value and becoming the best version of yourself possible.

To help you unleash the leader in you, get clear on who you are, become aware and in tune with your value and begin to identify where growth, changes, and improvements are required to become who you want to become with integrity while sharing your gifts with the world.

Unique Selling Proposition Checklist


  1. Identify your Strengths and Passions
  2. Identify what makes you special and unique
  3. Complete a personality test
  4. Ask your friends, family and co-workers how they perceive you
  5. Get your Vedic birth chart done
  6. Perform regular self-checks
  7. Compare the information
  8. Read the book The Brand You 50 by Tom Peters