About Nathalie Virem

Decide to Make Positive, Lasting Change. Now.

In this global world, life moves so fast that we easily forget why we are here. Give yourself permission to gain clarity on what you envision for yourself and the world.

Decide to make positive, lasting change now.

– Nathalie Virem

Nathalie Virem is a #1 International Best-Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker and Coach based in Los Angeles, California. With family roots stemming from France, the Spain-born “change catalyst” blends her corporate and coaching expertise to help Fortune 500 professionals and entrepreneurs align their business and life purpose the world over.


I help visionaries find and align their personal and business purpose, so they can create positive, lasting change in the world.


By sharing simple and easy-to-integrate strategies, that guarantee success in creating positive, lasting change in the world.


My services include Speaking, Coaching, and Interviews. Intrinsically synergize client-based.