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Nathalie Virem Story

In this global world, life moves so fast that we easily forget why we are here. Give yourself permission to gain clarity on what you envision for yourself, your business and the world.

Decide to make positive, lasting change now.

– Nathalie Virem


Nathalie Virem is the Founder of Nathalie Virem Enterprises. She is a Keynote Speaker, Time #1 International Bestseller, Leadership & Entrepreneurship Master and Global Citizen based in Beverly Hills, California. With family roots stemming from France, the Spain-born “change catalyst” blends her corporate and entrepreneurial expertise to help worldwide leaders and entrepreneurs align their business vision and higher purpose the world over. The outcome is a meaningful, prosperous and ethically sustainable business or cause that serves the greater good.



Beginnings and realization

In 2014, Nathalie Virem was at a major crossroads in her life…she had followed the so-called linear path of getting educated and joining the corporate world. However, that year, her mother’s suffering and near-ending life due to cancer started reflecting on her own. She had accomplished everything she thought she wanted in life (got her MBA, green card and was a senior manager for a major Fortune 500 company), but she soon realized that she wasn’t living the life she wanted. She actually didn’t even know what she wanted! And she was painfully unfulfilled… Death being certain for all of us, she hit a breaking point and decided to get clarity toward her hopes and dreams.


Starting a business

Exhausted and frustrated, she made a decision…she decided to follow instead the less traditional path of learning how to listen to her heart and intuition for answers. By February of 2015, she completed formal training as a coach through the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and launched her coaching business and website. Once she took the ”path of a heart,” she was able to finally see, hear and feel her purpose.


The moment that changed everything

During her transformation as an entrepreneur, she struggled. During the first few years, she was stressed and experiencing financial and emotional challenges – she had invested about thousands of dollars in er business but wasn’t seeing the results she wanted…However, despite all obstacles, she kept pushing.

But why didn’t she quit? Why was she so determined to figure out how to make her business profitable and sustainable?


Listening for the first time

The answer finally became clear… Once transformed, she could no longer go back. And no matter how many obstacles came her way, she always chose purpose, freedom and fulfillment over security. She couldn’t give up. Because her personal calling was connected to her business and it was impossible to see one without seeing the other. They became one: sharing her gift with the world and solving a pain for the greater good. It was bigger than her and she wouldn’t exist without it. Therefore, there was only one option, and that was to figure out how to succeed in business… and do so in perfect alignment with her heart.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, she had to take a completely different approach by :

  • Obtaining full clarity on her vision
  • Mastering her mindset
  • Shifting her circle of influence
  • Taking massive action towards building a brand perfectly aligned with that vision
  • Gaining complete faith and letting go
  • And much more


A thriving business

The result? She finally got her vision, fulfillment, and results to align with each other. By 2016, her book ‘Live With Purpose’ became an Amazon international best-seller in over 10 self-help and business categories, which led to the idea for her next books and Entrepreneurship Program.

Sometimes clarity comes from the tests life presents you. In Nathalie’s case, her mother’s death opened the door for her. She is now clear on where she is heading, on her life’s purpose and how that purpose reflects in her business like a mirror. She is in control and fulfilled. She now realizes, when it is time for her to go, she can look back and see how much she’s accomplished, and smile.


The media exposure

She continued to get results, so she started scaling up. By 2017, her #1 best-selling book ‘Live With Purpose‘ and ‘Entrepreneurship Program’ became an integral part of the curriculum at California State University where she teaches Entrepreneurship.

Since, then, her book and program have allowed her to host business events, get quality media placements (onThrive Global, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, etc.), book with international speaking bureaus (Speakers Mexico and Women’s Media Center) and associate with industry experts likeSimon Sinek, The Mayor of Beverly Hills, Chef Eric Ripert, Marco Antonio Regil, John Brenkus, Jeffrey Hayzlett, and many more.

At that point, she realized that her understanding of business and proven methods had the power to help other leaders and entrepreneurs make a significant impact on the world.



The Giving Back

Today, her organizations continue to help develop influential leaders serving the greater good, so they can have a bigger and more positive impact in the world.

Through her charity Nathalie Virem Foundation, her vision is to host conscious act of kindness events to raise funds for human development projects with a high global repercussion on the media.


Helping worldwide leaders & entrepreneurs bring positive change in the world through their calling.


By sharing uniqueresults-driven and transformational strategies that guarantee success.