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About Nathalie Virem…

In this global world, life moves so fast that we easily forget why we are here. Give yourself permission to gain clarity on what you envision for yourself and the world.

Decide to make positive, lasting change now.

– Nathalie Virem

Nathalie Virem is a Leading Authority For Entrepreneurs, 20-Time #1 International Bestseller and Professional Speaker based in Los Angeles, California. With family roots stemming from France, the Spain-born “change catalyst” blends her corporate and entrepreneurial expertise to help Fortune 500 leaders and entrepreneurs align their business vision and higher purpose the world over.


Nathalie was a key element during my search for purpose in life.

She provided different practical solutions to my dilemmas in regards to career and personal goals to help them align with my purpose. Thanks to her guidance, I live a meaningful life and success was the result of it.

Gretell Arredondo


Nathalie is a great coach.

Very patient and a great listener always. I think, at least from my experience, through asking the right questions, she gets you to see and think of things differently. You can tell she genuinely cares and wants to help. Highly recommended.

Arina Thomas

Finance Manager

Simply the best companion!

I needed motivation, energy and balance in my life… And there she was! Thank you Nathalie for coahing me, giving me direction and helping me find my path to success!!

Joey Cleary

Sales Manager

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20-Time #1 International Bestseller ‘Live With Purpose has “an important message for the business world and their leaders.” Nathalie Virem reveals how by aligning your life and business purpose, you have the ability to make the world a better place.

By examining the contributions to society of some of the greatest visionaries of the 21st century, the author provides effective and easy-to-implement tools guaranteed to help you achieve lasting and positive change.